Commercial Representation

Our company is the distributor/agent of well known / high technology suppliers as:

Diesel Generators

  • WESTAC Power Ltd (England)
  • Pan exp co.  (Singapore)
  • GESAN co.  (Spain)


  • CE+T (Belgium)

Power Supply

  • TDK Lambda  (France)
  • Cabur (Italy)


  • Digi Power (Taiwan)

Panel Meters

  • BEEMET Electronics & Electrical (India)

Digital Instruments 

  • CIE (Taiwan)

Raised Floors

  • Changzhou baojin antistatic equipment co ltd.  (China) 


  • Bright lighting (Greece) 

Aluminum & Wooden Products

  • Aluminco  (Greece)
  • Avelon  (Greece)
  • Colpak  (Greece)
  • ETEM  (Greece)

Security systems

  • Cubitech Limited.  (UK)

motion sensor

na-De (Turkish)